IEshikawa is an annual nationwide Industrial Engineering event offered by University of the Philippines Circle of Industrial Engineering Majors (UP CIEM). This event aims to provide service to the Industrial Engineering community by serving as an alternative avenue for continuous growth and learning. IEshikawa aims to harness the skills and knowledge of IE students regarding various IE concepts.

Throughout the years, this event has produced high quality event programs and workshops that exhibit and promote the true spirit of Industrial Engineering. Through the Plenary Talks, Workshops, Ambassador Program, Quiz Bees, and Case Study Competitions held by IEshikawa, this event has certainly nurtured every IE student it has come into contact with, in making them future-ready.

On its 15th installment, IEshikawa comes back virtually to delve into the world of E-commerce - going from Bricks to Clicks.


The annual celebration of UP CIEM’s foundation on November 23, 1976, Anniversary Week is a culmination of everything the organization has accomplished through the years. This week-long event is divided into four parts: Event Launch, Members’ Week, Charity Event, and Anniversary Party. These set of events aim to give tribute to the organization, reunite and strengthen the bond of all CIEMers, and give back to various communities outside the organization.

Now on its 44th year of establishment, UP CIEM sets sail to conquer new frontiers, defying boundaries.


IEmpact, formerly known as LET’s Do It, is UP CIEM’s corporate social responsibility arm that aims to improve the status of communities through collective sustainable contributions. In the past, UP CIEM has helped a community called Isla Pulo by improving the community’s livelihood and education, a project that made our organization a national finalist in the 2015 Ten Accomplished Youth Organization (TAYO) Awards.

For this academic year, IEmpact hopes to contribute once again to the community by raising funds for our partner beneficiaries through a 2-day webinar for both high school students and the UP community.


Short for Be One Under Nakaka-sayang CIEM Event, BOUNCE is a series of different physical fitness sessions and sports clinics organized by the Internal Affairs Committee that promotes physical health to the resident members.

BOUNCE BaK, on the other hand, focuses on talks and workshops that promote emotional and mental welfare among the members of the organization.


As an academic organization, the members’ academic affairs are being maintained at a high standard through reviews and tutorials held by the CIEM Mentors’ Guild. Through this, members are able to learn from their co-members regarding lesson discussions, and the mentors are able to harness their communication and teaching skills.


KaCIEMa Ka and KaCIEMa Kayo are composed of activities that aim to promote camaraderie among the members of the organization through bonding activities such as movie nights, karaoke nights, and the like.